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Further on the sex differences in IQ:

Excellent, very long, article on the subject by Charles Murray. Annotated and everything.

Again, I don't see why one should take offense at the idea of sex differences. There are obvious sex differences, in terms of averages and distributions, for all sorts of measurable traits of humans. I'm at the median height for American women... and thus shorter than most men. However, I've got female relatives taller than most men. They might be 80th percentile for the male distribution and 99th percentile for the female distribution. There's nothing particularly amazing about that.

What does offend me is people thinking that there needs to be a thumb on the scale for women, and that this helps women or society at large in some way.

I find this personally offensive, because my own, actual accomplishments are diminished. When I was a freshman in high school, I was the top scorer on the school's computer team in the ACSL competition... only freshman (and only female in the club... but it wasn't large. Less than 10 people). As well, I was on the "A" team for our math team. No other freshmen in the A team. They didn't put me on the A team for "diversity". They put me on the A team because I was one of the top 5 scorers on the full team.

But I've only occasionally been the best. As the groups I moved in got larger, I met plenty of people who are much more accomplished than I am - male and female alike (and yes, more men than women.) That doesn't bother me. I'm proud of my actual accomplishments, and I don't particularly desire a "she does math well.... for a GIRL" award.

I believe Heinlein said something about this in Stormship Troopers. In the Moral Philosophy class in high school, the protagonist, Rico, is asked how he would feel if the teacher awarded him 1st place in last week's sprint race (and Rico has actually come in 3rd or 6th or something). Rico got angry. Well, I say I get angry. I like coming in first, just like most other people, but I do not want to be given the prize unearned. It's offensive.

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