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New blog on my list:

Jones Blog -- her description:
I am a Woman of Color trying to homeschool my child of 4 1/2 even though he goes to preschool full-day every day. Call me a skeptic, but I don't feel I can trust the school system to educate my child. So far as I'm concerned, I am a homeschooling mother of one. Here's to a day in my life.

She's in NYC, too, so I'm hoping to learn about some of the "unusual" educational opportunities in this city. I really do think this is the best city in the world for children's education... if you can just keep them out of the schools. The public school curriculum is crap, and the Catholic school curriculum is not much better (though they have an easier time getting rid of teachers and students who cause trouble.) I've talked with a teacher at a tony private school, and she says that even that is not up to snuff with regards to "enrichment".

To heck with that, I say.

Anyway, I should go visit the local Kumon center. Maybe next week. I know Mo is too young, but she just drew an "A" yesterday, on purpose and unprompted (and then went over to Daddy and said "the letter A"... and he made her write it again and again). So I figure that the moment she turns the age that they'll take her (3), I'm taking her there. Of course, by then, she might be reading, but I'm sure they can deal with that.

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