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I find integrals and proofs so intimidating...

Ah, the identity politics push in education. One of the most obvious "disparities" has been in math and the hard sciences (they are "hard" because they involve a lot of math. Just kidding - the soft sciences involve some math, too. They're hard because people aren't the experimental subjects, and thus it's much easier to reproduce results. And people don't get nearly so emotional over interpretation of theory explaining experimental results.) has been that there's a lot more men than women in these fields. Of course, the racial disparities are ginormous compared to the sexual disparities, but it's =really= inconvenient to bring that up.

In any case, because the numbers aren't balanced, and people think that subjects where it's overwhelmingly male indicate something is wrong (as opposed to subjects that are overwhelmingly female, like early education or women's studies, which are just peachy) -- that means the government must be involved:
Column from Schafly and Column from Gavora.

Anyway, it amuses me that perhaps me leaving academia has screwed over math departments, as that's one fewer females in a field that suffers a dearth of female in academia. Boo hoo. Whatever. I'm making good money now.

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