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When I did my podcast binge yesterday, I was just browsing around the iTunes music store (don't worry, all these podcasts are free). I looked under the Education category to pick up some. I also have older podcasts, so I can't guarantee they still exist.

So here's the list:
First, my favorite podcast of all:
History According to Bob
parent site:
New podcast every day, basically, and generally a video podcast once every couple of weeks. Bob Hackett is a long-time history teacher (college and high school) and covers a wide range of topics. I highly recommend buying his full CD sets, or just pick amongst certain "themes". In addition to your general "staid" history, he also loves covering pirates and mistresses, who merit their own podcasts. Heck, Pirate Dampier is getting =two= podcasts (he's posted only part 1 so far). You don't necessarily need to know a lot of history to enjoy the stories - generally he gives the context needed, or has things in a series, so you can follow through the entire story. He's a Napolean enthusiast, but also has extensively covered the Spanish coming into Mexico, Greek history, Chinese history, Greek history, Roman history, history of Christian movements (Popes, Luther, Erasmus, etc.) Lots of military history - has a great long-ranging series on WWI (still in progress). I never caught on to history much when I was in school, and I've learned a lot from this podcast. I listen to it pretty much every day.

The Math Factor --

Mathgrad --

Both of the math podcasts are "safe" for non-math people. It concentrates on the "fun" math, not "school" math.

JapanesePod101 --
video --
audio --
site: (audio)

Learn kanji (video)

I just subscribed to these, so I don't know what they're like.

Chinese learn online (audio)

Jessy Hsieh Chinesepod
seems to only have some episodes, and I'm unsure about the feed
Her website:

Same as for the Japanese ones -- I just subscribed.

Also, if anybody knows of good Latin podcasts, I'd love to hear about it.

Other podcasts I like to listen to:
They Might Be Giants:

You never know what you're going to get from John & John. Lots of fun stuff here.

Wall Street Journal this morning (it's free!):
go here to get it:
(there are other podcasts there, too)

Covers the top WSJ stories from the day. So you'll know what I'm talking about when I reference WSJ stories (that are subscriber only online)

Wait wait, don't tell me (the NPR humorous news game)
NPR podcasts:

This is a lot of fun. Recently, they've had on as guests: White House press secretary Tony Snow, Wierd Al, Mario Batali, Wynton Marsalis (or was it the other one? I forget), the guy who does the voice of Elmo (that one was hilarious), and others. Great show for news junkies, especially junkies of "news of the odd" -- many times I actually know the answers to the "off-kilter" questions. Because of Fark.

Rosary Army
I don't actually listen to their regular podcasts - I just picked up their "extras" - 4 podcasts of rosary recitations with the 4 different sets of mysteries, and one podcast of the stations of the cross. I should check to see if any other extras have been added.

I listen to the rosary podcasts on my commute so I can say the rosary while walking.

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