meep (meep) wrote,

Well shut my mouth

Someone is arguing that women (or rather mothers) should work for $$, and work longer hours. Because, of course, you can't achieve pay parity with men if you're not actually working for $$.

I like how it's irrelevant as to what will actually make the women happier. Ya gotta satisfy the bottom line, for the greater good of the sex. Ah, a grand mystery:

Why are married mothers leaving their jobs? The labor bureau’s report includes some commonsense suggestions, but none that fully explains the situation. New mothers with husbands in the top 20 percent of earnings work least, the report notes. As Ernest Hemingway said, the rich do have more money. So they also have more freedom to leave their jobs. But why do they take the option? It’s easier in the short term, sure, but it’s easier to forgo lots of things, like going to college or having children at all. People don’t — nor should they — always do the easier thing.
Here's a thought: the women with the most money, the most flexibility, seem to like taking time off from working for dough when they have small children. Perhaps, just perhaps, they actually like doing that. Just throwing this out as an idea. Maybe their money job is not as fulfilling as bringing up their children.

I like how this woman feels like she's got to solve a problem that doesn't sound like a problem to me. The women with the most choices just happen to make choices this author doesn't like. What about the poorer mothers who might actually like to make that same choice? No, no time to fix their problems. It's imperative that we force those who are richer and have more education to stay in the workplace. This is a problem only on the pages of the New York Times.

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