meep (meep) wrote,

Other people's thoughts on education

Future value of college degrees. For professions where an entry-level employee can get some real high-value work done, I do see that college degrees may become passe; however, most people do have to have years of job experience before they have a huge impact on the business. So the signalling worth of a college degree indicating a certain minimum intelligence, a certain ability to follow directions, and a tolerance for tedium will be around for the forseeable future.

But if I were a company like Google, I wouldn't necessarily wait for people to have degrees before trying to hire them.

Fr. Rutler commenting on kindergarten. I like Fr. Rutler, and I've been to his church which is near where I work. Like the good Father, I also preferred the company of adults when I was a child, and learned far more from the wide world than in school. Also, I do miss NYC for the kids, in that I think it's the most intellectually stimulating place in the world to be -- around all those =people=. But kids also need space, and I'm happy to have them running around in the yard and harassing the wildlife. Harrass the chipmunks, my darlings. Damn rodents eating our plants.

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