meep (meep) wrote,

Women and sci/tech

Yet again, they're just not that into you:
Now two new studies by economists and social scientists have reached a perhaps startling conclusion: An important part of the explanation for the gender gap, they are finding, are the preferences of women themselves. When it comes to certain math- and science-related jobs, substantial numbers of women - highly qualified for the work - stay out of those careers because they would simply rather do something else.
There are plenty of careers that women (and men) in general as a group tend to stay out of, that few complain about. Few female garbage collectors, but people are okay with that. I say it's okay if women, percentage-wise, prefer being teachers to being engineers. Perhaps it's not okay that education is so dominated by women, though -- half the students are boys at lower grades, and children need role models far more than adults do.

FWIW, I was in SMPY, so you can't blame me for the lower %age of female SMPYers going for non-mathie fields.

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