meep (meep) wrote,

Science Needs Chicks, Take 999

Title Nining Academic Science

Instead, [women who had abandoned successful careers in science and engineering to work in fields like architecture, law and education] complained of being pushed so hard to be scientists and engineers that they ended up in jobs they didn’t enjoy. “The irony was that talent in a male-typical pursuit limited their choices,” Ms. Pinker says. “Once they showed aptitude for math or physical science, there was an assumption that they’d pursue it as a career even if they had other interests or aspirations. And because these women went along with the program and were perceived by parents and teachers as torch bearers, it was so much more difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that the work made them unhappy.”

This is true of any academically successful student - they're surrounded by teachers and professors all the time, and are encouraged to themselves go into academia. Just because you're really smart doesn't mean you should be a prof. It's interesting to find out how many grad-student dropouts and ex-academicians are currently actuaries in the corporate world; many of us are much happier in this life than the academic one.

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