meep (meep) wrote,

Some snark against academics

From historian [and farmer] Victor Davis Hanson

I'm going to cut out the references to Obama, because I have no interest in making this about him. I'm more about the academic attitude:

Academic culture also promotes this idea that highly educated professionals deigned to give up their best years for arduous academic work and chose to be above the messy rat race. Although supposedly far better educated, smarter (or rather the “smartest”), and more morally sound than lawyers, CEOs, and doctors, academics gripe that they, unfairly, are far worse paid. And they lack the status that should accrue to those who teach the nation’s youth, correct their papers, and labor over lesson plans. ....

In short, campus people have had the bar raised on themselves at every avenue. Suggest to an academic that university pay is not bad for ninth months’ work, often consisting of an actual six to nine hours a week in class, and you will be considered guilty of heresy if not defamation.

University administrators worship private money, and then among themselves scoff at the capitalism that created it. Campus elites, looking at a benefactor, are fascinated how someone — no brighter than they are — made so much money, even as they are repelled by a system that allows those other than themselves to have pulled it off.

Yes, not everyone in academia has these attitudes.

I have told some bitching about low academic pay to come to the dark side of corporate life... [but really, I'm not all that interested in increasing competition against =myself=. You guys who are thinking of becoming actuaries or risk managers.... stay in the academy. No, no, this work is far too easy for you. It's boring and you have to deal with stupid people [well, not as stupid as many freshmen], you wouldn't like it -- no, no, don't look at the salaries, such base concerns are beneath you.]

I can't say actuaries are all that pure either, because we are apt to make fun of the marketing department and MBAs in general, and complain why we don't get the front office respect and that we're just "overhead".

Most people aren't going to want to admit that they've got it pretty good. I've got it pretty good [for now].

In any case, I find having external problems a little more interesting, as the $$ tells me what problems people really want solved [and I've been approached for various consulting jobs which have some interesting business aspects]. Academic grants aren't necessarily the most representative of what anybody else will care about.

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