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Thoughts on education

I've been on lj over 20 years now, and I've had lots of thoughts on education [also, I was posting stuff on in longer form from 1996 - 2002; I've also written a lot at the Actuarial Outpost on this subject - RIP, Actuarial Outpost [November 2020]]

So this post is simply to amass posts as I find them, and categorize them. I am defining "education" very broadly here. I may be linking to some friends-locked posts, and will note that when I link. Some of these posts may need to be moved around for better organization.

All are from 2012 Dec:

Day 1 - The Gift of Tongues

Day 2 - Learn History with Bob

Day 3 - Learn with Udacity


Day 5 - EdX and OCW - MIT education for free

Day 6 – Lectures on CD/DVD

Day 7 - YouTube!

Day 8 - Helping Those Who Can't Read

Day 9 - Free Audiobooks for All!

Day 10 - More Free College Courses

Day 11 - Learn to Code


My thoughts for starting schools, business related to education
2008 Apr: Market opportunity in education

2001 Sep: PAMSatHome ... an idea that didn't go anywhere [yet]

2007 Sep: Continuing professional ed, kinda

2005 Sep: Starting a school

Responses to Charles Murray

Charles Murray has written many op-eds on education in the Wall Street Journal, mainly, but I had several posts responding to a three-part series back in January 2007
2007 Jan: On college as screening tool

2007 Jan: Teaching wisdom, aka No Child's Ass Left Unkicked

2007 Jan: Somewhat related - working very hard

2007 Jan: Obligation of the elite

Gifted education/IQ stuff

2007 Jan: Letting kids go faster than normal - also maybe make geeks more objects of envy than ridicule? The role model issue.

2007 Aug: Gifted children getting the shaft

2005 Aug: Distribution of IQ, men v. women

2005 Aug: More on IQ distribution

2008 Aug: Education v. credentialing

2008 Aug: Coaching the gifted child

2006 Aug: Experts are made, not born

Math education

2021 April: On removing "accelerated" options in math - Virginia & California

2020 November: "Hey, we've got a NEW idea for teaching math!!!"

2018 Sept: Stratifying Math Classes is Colonialism

2018 Sept: Teaching Social Justice Instead of Math is an Injustice

2006 Feb: Annoyed at math-deficient reporter

2008 Aug: Links on the crap state of math education

2001 Aug: What should be taught

2006 Feb: Cathy Seipp on high school math requirements

Online education

2012 Jan: MITx and bringing together a lot of older thoughts on education

2009 Aug: Govt version of OpenCourseWare

2008 Nov: Higher education, lower cost

2007 March: Fave podcasts

Females and math and science
2018 Sept: Differing standard deviations give some people the vapors

2018 Feb: Women & STEM -- Comparative Advantage: How Does It Work?

2015 Jun: Women and STEM academia fix: Be Professional

2012 Jul: Awesome Idea: Cut Down on Number of Men in Science

2009 Nov: Math and Science: SEND CHICKS

2009 Nov: Affirmative action for men in college

2008 May: Women and sci/tech


2009 Jan: Science needs chicks: a rebuttal

2006 May: Title IX in education

2006 Apr: I find integrals and proofs so intimidating

2006 Oct: Sex distribution by major

2008 Mar: Why aren't more women in math 55?

2008 Jul: Science Needs Chicks, Take 999

2006 Sep: I'm glad I'm not in academia

2005 Jan: Larry Summers, part 1

2005 Jan: Larry Summers, part 2

2010 May: I lose my patience over gender equity awareness seminars [note: adult language]

2004 May: Women's mags [not really related, I just like this post, and I do get a hankering for women's mags from time to time]

Actuarial education

2007 Jan: Advice to ambitious people in stacking up exams in one sitting

2009 Feb: Difficulty of actuarial exams vs. regular school exams

College Education

2012 Dec: Academic Mismatch Due to Affirmative Action: How to Handle

2012 Feb: Unbundling the package deal

2008 Aug: For most people, college is a waste of time

2011 Nov: China to shut down unproductive programs

2011 Dec: Dim future for colleges in South Korea due to demography

2004 Mar: Choosing a college

2004 Jun: Brand name schools

2003 Jan: Minimum age for college should be 21

2011 Jan: More on that minimum age for college

Uncategorized for now

2011 Jan: Superiority of Chinese mothers

2010 Jan: The end of homework

2007 Aug: Other people's thoughts on education

2009 Sep: Learning styles: there's no such thing

2006 Mar: High skill?

2005 Jan: Purpose in undergrad liberal arts?

2005 Mar: Classical liberal arts

2004 Apr: Studying languages

2004 Oct: Comment on Yale

2003 Aug: They never consider that they might suck at thinking

2006 Feb: Education is productive - self-identification

2007 Feb: Class action sex discrimination suit against Walmart - the topic seems unrelated, but I connect to a grad school admissions study

2011 Mar: Following up on the Walmart case - cross-posting links from POWIP

2006 Nov: Who says college kids are smart?

2005 Sep: A homeschooling blog in NYC

2005 Nov: Physics Nobel laureate on improving physics education

2002 May: On meeting people much smarter than I am

2002 Apr: A little on teaching

2002 Mar: A non-manifesto on education

1994 Jul: Some thoughts on education when I was in Japan

2006 May: The freedom to fail

2007 May: What is the purpose of universities?

2001 Jun: Intelligence v. education

2008 Apr: Teaching in college is not for some people

2007 May: Disabilism

2007 Apr: A woman saying other women should work more

2007 Feb: Thoughts on praising kids
Tags: academia, education, women

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