meep (meep) wrote,

The Actuary!

So Dan Collins at POWIP said he needed more chicks, for his blog, and hey, I'm a chick... who am I to resist the inexorable logic?

Anyway, I'm bringing my feminine perspective on numbers to the blog. I'll likely be posting stuff on pensions, health care reform, Social Security, education, etc. I'll put up links here when I post there.

My first post is pretty contentless, but I'm going to give the rest of the Batman story here, behind the cut:

So the Penguin meets The Actuary because the guy has been cleaning up at one of the Penguin's casinos:

[I know a lot of gambling actuaries, and many actually do quite well... because the ones who don't do well move onto something else. I suck at poker and backgammon, though I find both fascinating from an analysis point of view, and I've been known to structure some bets for friends.... thing is, it takes a lot of work to get these things to pay off, and I don't have that type of margin or patience to make it pay.]

As noted in my post, the super-smart Actuary notices that the Batman foils criminals ... ONLY AT NIGHT!!!!

So the Actuary recommends that the Penguin do a hit at a big gardening expo [I'm not kidding] in the middle of the day. I suppose a bunch of rich people are supposed to be at this thing, but come on - it'll be their gardeners checking out the goods]

But did I mention this expo isn't taking place outside, but inside a giant domed area?

I'm too lazy to grab the comics upstairs, but somehow Batman not only gets the dome to close to provide the required dark, but also sets off the sprinkler system.... so it's dark and rainy while he nabs the Penguin's henchmen.

The Penguin is not pleased with the Actuary's results:

Well, at least I never was sitting on the other end of a gun when I screwed up [yes, I did screw up. Everybody does.]

I thought this was the funniest Batman story I ever read. I love it when the writers goof on the rules of the genre.

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