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Oh for fuck's sake

Okay, I was just derisive with my MATH NEEDS CHICKS and SCIENCE NEEDS CHICKS posts, but this keeps going on and it's majorly offensive.

Take it away, Christina Hoff Sommers:

However, the Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Amendment unanimously but quietly passed the House Science Committee on April 28. Buried deep in the act, where few can see, this little provision compels our leading academic engineers, mathematicians, information technologists, and physicists to attend equity STEMinars, and these STEMinars will not help America compete. In fact, these STEMinars have the capacity to undermine the meritocratic culture that enables America’s success in science.

Thing is, I think she's going over the top with regards to the probable impact of this bullshit. Let's look at this:

Once the Reauthorization Act becomes law, the anti-bias “interactive theater” experiment developed at the University of Michigan will flourish. Deans and chairpersons of engineering, math, and computer-science programs will be able to demonstrate their bona fides where women are concerned (and protect their funding) by requiring faculty to watch a series of skits where insensitive, overbearing men ride roughshod over hapless but obviously intellectually superior female colleagues. The plays were inspired by a 1974 manifesto by Brazilian radical Augusto Boal in his book Theatre of the Oppressed. The federal government will not only sponsor these plays, but also provide the means to administer attitudinal surveys to measure how effectively they have altered the consciousness of the scientists in the audience.
Do you know what the likely upshot of these timewasters will be?

Cynicism. And an even lower likelihood of the scientists involved giving a rats' ass about "gender equity". They will lie on the surveys and be a complete pain in the ass during the skits themselves. And I'm talking both men and women.

Because if I had to do this...

With a $300,000 National Science Foundation “ADVANCE” grant, activist-lawyer Joan Williams and her team at the Hastings School of Law developed a website for academics called “The Gender Bias Learning Project.” The centerpiece is a bingo game. To win, a scholar submits three harrowing stories about how she or someone she knows was demeaned by clueless colleagues. of my stories would involve how whiny ass bitches were holding me back in my field and how insulted I was by women's scholarships and women's awards, as if we couldn't compete on our own merits. How I was talked down to by a man who treated women poorly, as this man had to tell me how insufficiently feminist I was.

I am sick of this shit.
Tags: academia, education
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