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Twelve Days of Learning: Day 2 - Learn History with Bob

To continue my series on learning, my next site is History According to Bob or

To quote his site:

Professor Bob Packett has been teaching history for thirty-nine years. His passion for history permeates his entire life, from the thousands of primary resource materials in his personal library, to his collection of historical artifacts.

Professor Bob loves to tell stories of the real people behind the often sterile descriptions found in history texts. His conversational style, filled with anecdotes, quips, and humor, will bring to life the characters of history.

You can subscribe to the podcast for free, the podcasts usually have several threads going on concurrently. I see that he's got something going on about the Revolutionary War, Venice, William Marshall (Knight Errant), and some 18th/19th century European stuff.  He keeps up about a month's worth of podcasts up at a time, and often pulls in older podcasts.

I have been listening to this podcast for years, not that long after he started in 2005.  While I do enjoy "straight" history, what also caught my attention is that he did some series on famous mistresses as well as pirates and outlaws.  He does a lot of military history as well, which may be of interest.  He inspired me to create my own, short-lived video series on "fun" math topics.

Don't worry if you're coming in late, you can buy CDs  on your favorite topic or complete chronological sets. Or you can get 5 CDs on a thumb drive for $60 (I got one of these deals for my stepfather one year -- think your mom might be interested in a set on Notorious Women? Did I mention there is another CD on such women?)

Each episode tends to be about 10-ish minutes long, and when something takes longer, he will usually break it up into multiple parts. 





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