meep (meep) wrote,

Update on the pain situation

My last real update regarding my chronic pain was about a year ago.

The pain is basically in a holding pattern.

It's not getting better; it's not getting worse.

I took today off from work because it was getting to be a bit too much. I go to a chiropractor fairly regularly, and no matter how bullshitty it is, it does give me some relief. I feel like it helps me from getting worse. I also go get a good massage about once a month, but that really only helps with my muscular issues.

I'm in a fairly bad condition. Weekends are pretty bad. I will go do short errands, like take the girls to Kumon, but by the afternoon, I'm wrecked.

This entry is not going to be as long as my last one, because it's true -- the more I type, the more I hurt. That was the issue with work this week... I was doing a lot of typing (as opposed to reading & thinking) and the typing takes a lot out of me. I've been amassing a lot of blogging stuff for STUMP, but I know typing is a bad idea.

It's pretty bad right now, so I'm just going to listen to opera and re-read some books I know very well.
Tags: pain
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