meep (meep) wrote,

Status Updates

So, a couple items. The most important one first:

Stu had his first chemo treatment on Tuesday. A neighbor took him, and in general, during the treatment, I will be home for the kids and somebody else will take him to the cancer center. The main issue is Diarmuid - we really don't have anybody else who can deal with him other than his teachers. So I need to be at home for that.

Stu's chemo treatments are every 3 weeks. He goes to the cancer care center every week for blood work, etc. I will not be doing detailed updates, or regular updates. The main people who will be kept updated are Stu's immediate family and my ma.

I appreciate the offers for help, but the main deal is that we don't need much help -right-now-. If it's going to get a lot worse, it will likely be later. We don't know how it will progress, or not, with regards to the chemo or the cancer. I may have some wide-range requests for people later on -- perhaps cards for Stu or our kids, esp. as we get close to Christmas. Feel free to email me: if you have a specific idea.

The second, less important thing, is that I set up livejournal to import my facebook posts. I know it "clutters" up my livejournal page, but I'm keeping it, because it is a lot easier to look up stuff on livejournal by date compared to facebook. It doesn't really backup my posts... just makes it easier for me to search/peruse them.
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