February 6th, 2009


Love this guy

He's a competitor for my company, but I cannot deny what he has to say about passing actuarial exams:

You Was Robbed

Despite massive spending on education in the United States, educational standards have been lowered over time. If you went to high school in the United States, chances are you did not study any physics or calculus while being there. Even at the university level, where the United States remains the world leader, low standard in mathematics and science are creeping in. You may have to face the reality that while massive amounts of your own, your parents', and taxpayers' money were spent on your education, you did not learn enough mathematics and science. If you want to be a respected actuarial professional, you must have the maturity to face your own weaknesses and overcome them. Learn to love studying mathematics and its business applications. Be hungry for knowledge. This hunger will serve you well not just on the exams, but on the job, as well.
Very good advice for the aspiring actuary.

FWIW, my physics and calculus education was not deficient in high school. But not everybody goes to NCSSM.