February 14th, 2009


LJ braintrust: 3-D puzzles

I am thinking back fondly to my encounter with JOCRF's wiggly block test, which I had a fun time doing, and I'm looking for someting similar to mess around with.

Anybody got good 3-D puzzle recommendations? I'm not talking about Rubik's cube and that ilk - that's not the kind of 3-D I mean. I'm not really talking about those 3-D foam puzzles either... I'm having a hard time finding what I do mean, which is why I'm asking y'all for leads...

What holiday is it?

Mo: You cannot be judge for a day now, I will be judge for the day

Today is any day that you want to have love and candy, Valentine's Day has candy like Halloween has candy, but that does not mean it's the same

Easy now, easy now, you have to know what day it is

Siobhan: It's Halloween and Valentine's Day!

Mo: It's February and Halloween is in October
Today is Saturday, it's Valentine's Day today, try to remember it
Today is a holiday of love and candy