February 15th, 2009


lj braintrust: what book should I write?

So.... I've been thinking about writing a book (or two... though I should prob be a little more realistic and go for one only).

Now, on my friends list, I've got one person who works for a publisher (howdy N!), and one person who has published two books of his own (howdy Judge!), but I'm not sure the areas they've worked in are what I'd like to deal with. For one, I'm no good in fiction. It's good to know one's limitations.

I'd like to do something math-related, but I'm not sure as to the audience. I'm thinking of going for kids. I know Theoni Pappas has kind of gotten there before me (and Martin Gardner, too, though he was for anybody, not just kids), but that's the sort of thing I'm thinking of.

Any thoughts? My first reaction, frankly, is that books are old tech, and I prefer doing video stuff, but I'm all into turning stuff into revenue for myself. YouTube ain't doing that, of course.