February 26th, 2009



This has got to be a joke. I think you'd have to be pretty old/have quite a bit of hearing damage not to hear that tone. I had to stop it almost immediately.
Train Horns

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In other news, the NY Times covered my allegedly-criminal neighbor: 2 Money Managers Held in New Wall St. Fraud Case
Mr. Greenwood’s extravagances included an $80,000 collection of Steiff teddy bears and Old Salem Farm, a 54-acre riding school and horse farm in the Westchester County town of North Salem that he had bought from Mr. Newman and Joanne Woodward. He has since sold Old Salem.

For the record, we're in the "too close to the train tracks" part of North Salem. I never get to see the celebs around here (supposedly David Letterman is somewhere around the town. Not that he ever does anything in North Salem other than sleep.) I have seen lots of horse farms, though, when we go to the library...