March 15th, 2009


Interesting links

Saturday morning Watchmen

Detroit - a decayed city

Hollow at the Core - NC State's new core curriculum - can't say I'm too exercised by this. The core requirements were really weak when I was there, too. Yes, they're dumbing it down a bit so the non-techie students can graduate, I suppose. Because I didn't hear much about the science/engineering students having trouble with the junior-level humanities/social science courses we had to take while the CHASS people took freshman-level (or really, high school level) math and science. I'm not sure this is much of a change, though. You could always take as difficult or as easy a way of fulfilling the requirements.

Value of a BA and "progressive" education. Meh. I'm very pro-liberal arts education, but I think the college model is outdated. There's a difference between credentialism and education. More important link: Self education resource list - for those who don't feel like they've got to have their butt in a chair at a particular time to learn.