April 15th, 2009


For Tax Day, a product plug

Yes, we all know about Turbo Tax (and boy genius Geithner's issues notwithstanding, it's about as easy to use as one can expect given our tax code(s)), but this year when I wrapped up, Intuit promoted Quicken Online for budgeting purposes.... and it's free.

"What the hell" I thought, and have been using it for a month now. It's pretty nifty, and like all other things Intuit, easy to use.

I wonder what the revenue model here is, though. I'm guessing it's to keep a person in the Intuit universe, such that when tax time rolls around again, I'll be getting Turbo Tax again because I will be able to easily download my records from the year. Or maybe they plan on charging for the service in the future. No clue. Anyway, thumbs up on Quicken Online.