May 25th, 2009


Memories and mottoes

I will be posting video from our local Memorial Day observance soon (mainly the parade... I can't remember if I got the speeches. I think I just took pics of that. The reason I can't remember is I mainly kept walking in circles around the venue... I had Mr. D and he wanted to keep moving (he was in kiddie leash, but that was for safety - I was just holding his hand). I grabbed vid & pics as I could.)

I like these small town parades - you recognize pretty much all the players once you've been around long enough. The two guys who are vintage car buffs (one complete with official Ford duster... and it was cool enough to wear it. I can't remember if he had driving goggles on, though he had full windows, so that would be overkill), the oldest veteran, the various band and troop leaders. And of course, there are more people in the parade than standing by, watching.

Many memories come from repetition, where it can be difficult to distinguish year to year - I have lots of memories like this, such as the annual Cook Reunions at Lake Lanier and other locales. For the kids, it's likely these things will likely smear into one whole "Memorial Day thing" with the same groups and people participating, just remembering when it's a new person who's the oldest vet (of course, the "new" guy will have been marching behind the old one for decades).

And wandering down the paths of memory, I recall a middle school assignment - 6th grade, I think, when I was doing a "medieval unit" in the GT class (which was mainly a way to keep us from bugging the other kids in reading period) - we were to create a coat of arms + motto. I don't recall the images on my shield, but I do remember my motto: Enjoy Life.

I think I will.