May 28th, 2009


Blast from the past....

....from 1993(!)

Well, my free book foray was unsuccessful, but I decided to go back into the google breach and see what new things I could find about myself. And came across these proceedings from a meeting of the National Society of Black Physicists(PDF).

One of the papers submitted was from a guy who had been on the U.S. Physics Olympiad team in 1992.... and I get mentioned on page 77 while the author describes the various participants:
The U.S. Team was quite an interesting group of people. We had a
veteran of the 1991 Olympiad, Eric Miller, who was always looking for links
to things he had done before. There was my extremely inquisitive roommate,
Dean Jens, the very verbose and confident Mikhail Sunitsky, the modest (in
attitude, not ability) Victoria Yung, the insightful if a bit soft-spoken Szymon
Rusinkiewicz, the most sociable Michael Schultz, and the extremely
enthusiastic Mary Pat Campbell
. I don't need to point out that all these
people, and the other dozen as well, were very competent in the area of
physics and each brought their own perspective to the problems we faced.
Ha. I've not changed in years. [I'll go back to read, because I'll finally get to hear about what the international team did in Finland. I didn't keep up with any of those guys.]