June 28th, 2009



Evidently, Billy Mays of infomercial fame is dead [as an aside, he played a role in the comic strip Secret Asian Man recently, where one of the characters is hawking Lunchkins, a lunchbag made of paper towels.]

This is a bit more surprising than Michael Jackson's death [they were the same age, and - oh - howdy John! Same age as he, and Stu will be there in a couple years]. Still, it could very well be a natural death by heart attack or some such. These things do happen.

Or it could be an "unnatural" death. Who knows. I don't really care either way, but I find this interesting. To be very cold and actuarial for a moment, at a meeting a year or so ago, I was one of the few people who thought that mortality was going to get worse for middle-aged men over the next twenty years. I have my reasons. [On the flipside, I think that mortality at the older ages is going to improve a lot over the next 20 years, in a relative sense.]

Strip from June 12:
Secret Asian Man

[While not the MPC kiss-of-death of getting a letter from me.... [it's a joke between Stu and me - I wrote Asimov right before he died, and he prob. never read my letter]]