August 26th, 2009


Stu was right

[isn't he always?]

Well, Stu keeps track of our actual mileage per tank, and he had noticed the number had dropped by about 4mpg [maybe more] of late. And the engine light came on, then off, a couple times and then stayed on. He kept getting on my case about the mileage, saying something was wrong with the van, and we needed it looked at. I thought it was just because I had been driving the van more, and I suck at driving.

When I had to take the van for its regular maintenance, they checked it and, sure enough, there was something wrong. Some valve in the exhaust system was screwed up and needed to be replaced.

Anyway, Stu recommends everyone keeping track of mileage [in addition to proper driving technique to improve mileage, keep tires inflated, yadda yadda], as it can be a good indicator of trouble when mileage changes for other-than-obvious reasons [seasonal change - gax mix changes; long trips vs city driving]