September 18th, 2009


Just write out your story here....

If you want to know if someone is telling you the truth, don’t analyse their body language, eye movements and choice of words.

Apparently, the real sign of a liar is in how he or she writes.

Scientists claim to have discovered a series of tell-tale clues in the handwriting of fibbers.

They found those who write lies press harder on the paper, have longer strokes of the pen and produce taller letters than those telling the truth.

The differences are too subtle to see with the naked eye, but can be detected using a computer and a touch-sensitive pad.

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Yay for Rosetta Stone

A year ago I bought the Rosetta Stone Homeschool edition for Japanese [all available levels at the time]. Yes, it says Homeschool on it, but I really bought it for me.

The girls have seen me messing about with it, so they asked to be allowed to do it. Even Bonnie is doing pretty well. I put it on the romaji setting for them, though [I put it on kanji with the kana overhead for me].

Given their ages, I'm just letting them mess around with it, rather than make them do it in any systematic way. It is actually quite fun to do though in figuring out what things mean. I really like the Rosetta Stone technique.

Anyway, thumbs up on Rosetta Stone. It is expensive, but if you really really are going to use it, it's a great way to learn a language, and you can get versions [homeschool] that allow multiple users.