October 7th, 2009


I come to praise the Fred S. Keller school

So D has been going to the Fred S. Keller school in Yonkers for about a month now.

Since going there, he has gone to feeding himself [still eating only jarred baby food/yogurt] and drinking from an open cup [and pouring it down his front deliberately] where before we could never get him to feed himself and he would only take sippy cups.

Wow, the changes have come so fast, it's so amazing.

The people at FSK use applied behavior analysis, which is a form of classical conditioning techniques. As noted in the wiki article, the effectiveness of this technique in dealing with children with autism spectrum disorders is mixed, but it has been working very well with D. As part of the parental education, we're encouraged to make our own goal that we can apply ABA to [I'm thinking brushing teeth, Stu is thinking D picking up his room so the girls don't have to do it any more.] But I'm concerned we'll have nothing to work on given how fast he's been progressing!
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