October 19th, 2009


Petition to amend American Academy of Actuaries bylaws

General information here:

This is a member initiated effort to amend the Academy Bylaws in order to provide for the competitive election of all Academy Directors and officers.

This Bylaws amendment is intended to give all Academy members (MAAAs) an oportunity to vote for Directors either in an electronic election or by mail. That is, you would not need to be present at an Academy Annual meeting to get an opportunity to vote.

This would provide in the Academy a board election process just like members of the CAS or SOA now enjoy.

You can help by commenting on or making suggestions to the proposal and by signing or getting signatures on a petition to make this happen. Discussion can be here, or at this thread: http://bit.ly/Ml3Gz

If you are attending the Academy Annual meeting in Boston on 10/26 or the SOA meeting that wraps around it, you will have an opportunity to sign a petition in person.