November 27th, 2009


My tax money put to good use [I guess]

I'm sitting in Meadowland of Carmel's waiting room, and they've upgraded this place since last I was here.

They replaced their old PCs with some right purty HP Pavilion Entertainment PCs, and the old couches/chairs [from an office supply store] have been replaced with leather couches [wtf?]. I assume they've also upgraded the TV, but I'm not bothering to check.

I checked out the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, and it's uglier than my current one [a 2005 GC], but it looks roomier inside and the price isn't too bad. Maybe I'll be getting a little of my government motors money back in a couple years by buying a greatly marked down used Grand Caravan. That would be nice.

What would also be nice is if they upgraded the coffee a bit more. I mean, this time it's drinkable without adding sugar, but I'd like a step up from that. Maybe ceramic mugs instead of styrofoam.

Tooth tales

So, we had a tooth fairy pillow for lost teeth... and it's lost.

So I put Mo's tooth in a one of those small "snack baggies" [those ziploc bags that are about half size]

Mo was concerned that the tooth fairy wouldn't know where to find the tooth, so I cut out a piece of paper for her to write "TOOTH IS HERE, MAUREEN"

And I said it was a good thing she put her name on the note, so the tooth fairy could write her a check.

Then she wanted to know how the tooth fairy writes checks, and I had to admit that the tooth fairy would likely leave coins or a dollar bill.

ETA: and now the baggie is lost. Anyway, I told her that we'll have to clean the house tomorrow to find it. Maybe the tooth fairy will find it first, but his iPhone tooth finder app does only so much.