October 25th, 2010


Har har karma

Well, maybe not karma, but...something.

So. Something happened to me at the end of July. Not sure what. I ended up in the ER 3 times due to breathing issues. Third time it was finally determined that it wasn't allergies, but some sort of nerve problem.

I've had =4= sets of MRIs since then. 3 sets reviewed.... nothing much going on. Everything looks normal. I'm no neurologist, but I'm not seeing anything in the 4th set either (what I'm looking for is some kind of asymmetry. That's a good sign something is screwed up, if what you're looking at is supposed to be symmetric. And there are only a few exceptions to that in the human body, such as major organs like the heart or liver.)

So what am I bitching about now? Well, I had been doing so well. Felt a little bit of tingling yesterday... but aw, it was okay by dinner. This morning I seemed ok. Until we hit Bedford Hills on the train.

So here's the thing -- I know what can make things go really really bad. The things that set it off: the train. The subway. I could say it's something to get me for my pro-mass transit stance, but the car is just as bad if not worse. Especially around here w. the windy roads.

Also? Chewy stuff. Like beef. My first few attacks were due to me eating my fave mongolian beef dish for lunch, which I do admit is a bit chewy. I thought I might be allergic to it, but no -- it's the chewing that sets me off. I've gained about 5-10 pounds since this started, btw. I've been keeping track of my weight w/ Wii Fit, and I see a huge jump in August. Because I'm having to eat a bunch of soft foods, dammit.

Also? Talking. Talking makes it real bad. One of my favorite hobbies.

At least last week @ the actuarial meeting, I didn't have an attack (which is why I thought I was doing well -- I was eating steak, talking a hell of a lot.... yay for me! Almost normal! Then boom - today).

Anyway, I didn't even make it to White Plains today. I didn't make it to Chappaqua. I think I got off at Mt. Kisko and just took the next train back. I've been on the computers all day, trying to review stuff. It's difficult getting things done at a distance, since a lot of what I do involves coordination and explanation. BLAH.