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Stu update and Merry Christmas!

Yeah, I skipped the Stu update last week. There wasn't much to update (as it was right before chemo) and Stu's ma was visiting, and we were spending time doing clean up while she was there. I dropped her off at LGA this morning to fly back to NC, and it's amazing the stuff we discovered in the hidden reaches of the kitchen while she was here... and there may be a sequel to this later, but it won't be for a couple weeks til I'd say if it works.

Stu had chemo on Tuesday, which included a new drug (iirc) to help strengthen his bones, and the Neulasta on Wednesday. The peripheral neuropathy is fairly bad - Stu just realized that it hurts to shake hands now (I told him to try high fives instead, but he did not appreciate my problem-solving acumen). We think a few of his fingernails will fall off, eventually. The nails are still there, and there's still hair on top of his hair, but much shorter than before, obviously.

As I write this (in the library, waiting for Mo to start an online oral exam for her Greek Lit/Philosophy/History course), Stu is probably asleep. Given the hormone shots & all the other stuff to counteract the chemo damage on healthy cells, Stu has trouble sleeping for several days after treatment, but last night he finally had some restful sleep, so that's good.

I finished the super-soft hat for Stu, but the issue is that it's a bit too warm, as hats go, for the winter we've had thus far. Reminds me of the bear (I think) fur cap Stu's ma bought somewhere in eastern better be damn cold outside when you put it on, and even then, you'll be rolling in sweat within a half hour. Anyway, once I get a neck gaiter finished for him for Christmas, I'll see if he'll be up for a pic.

I don't think I'll be doing an update until next year, as it's Christmas coming, and I'm tired.

Speaking of Christmas, if you missed my facebook/twitter post from earlier this week:

I probably won't get back to doing math vids, but that's more of a tech issue for me right now... I had the materials appropriate for then, as I was doing online seminars (for money), so just reused them for my hobby. But my tech ain't so hot right now, and text is about my speed.

Speaking of text, I did 12 Days of Dickens a few years back. I'm a huge Dickens fan, and this time of year is a great time to point out the beauties of Dickens. I just listened to an excellent audiobook version of A Christmas Carol, and of course it's the best-known Dickens... and pretty much the shortest Dickens. (Yes, he has some other short stories as well)

Of the Christmas Carol versions out there, I really like: The Muppet's Christmas Carol and Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (this one is available streaming on Amazon Prime)

They're both musicals, and if that's not your speed and want something that's a pretty close adaptation, I like this one with George C. Scott: A Christmas Carol (1984)

But the one I grew up with as a kid, which is also fairly musical, is Scrooge with Albert Finney (1970). I see Scrooge is also on Amazon Prime... just added it to my watchlist!

I remember the song "Thank You Very Much" (sung by the people pleased with Scrooge's death) and I still sing it from time to time.

Merry Christmas!
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