March 2nd, 2021


How to contact me

Howdy y'all! (if there is more than one of y'all, if there is only one person reading, then howdy to you.)

I ran into a problem earlier today. Somebody called me, and left a message, but spoke so fast that I couldn't hear the name, get the number, and only heard a bit of what they were wanting to talk about. I couldn't get the caller ID info, but that's more the fault of the crap phone I have (I think it's over 15 years old, come to think of it.)

So here are the best ways to reach me:

1. Email me:

I may or may not respond, but if you want to talk to me via phone, you need to email me first and then we can set up an appointment. I have no issue with talking on the phone w/ people, but I do screen my calls. I pretty much pick up only for my mother.

2. Message me on twitter: @meepbobeep

I think I have to follow you back, but you can tweet at me. I'll probably see it.

3. Message me on LinkedIn:

I think you can message me even if you're not linked to me.

And that's pretty much it. As mentioned, I screen my phone [and the 3 phone #s I use are on: a landline which actually has no phone (don't ask); that 15+ year-phone with iffy Caller ID - this is an internet phone; a dumbass pre-paid cell phone (it's a flip phone!) that can just do calls & texts. The cell I use mainly for two-factor ID systems.] I don't check messages on facebook, except from family, essentially.

I do try to make it easy for people to reach me... but I won't necessarily talk back. That said, some of my most interesting long-term online conversations have come from people I don't even know where they live, what they look like, and even what their real names are. I have responded to cold emails several times... you never know!