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Women & STEM -- Comparative Advantage: How Does It Work?

Nobody can Explain that.

Oh wait, we totally can.

Surprising nobody who can rub two brain cells together, it's found that: The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM

Before I excerpt, I ask for the nth time: why is this a problem?

Key excerpt:

What’s more, the countries that minted the most female college graduates in fields like science, engineering, or math were also some of the least gender-equal countries. They posit that this is because the countries that empower women also empower them, indirectly, to pick whatever career they’d enjoy most and be best at.

So... women must be made unhappy because equality? Is that your thought?

Look, I'm reaping the rewards of being good at numbers and at words. They're both very easy for me, and I enjoy them both. And the best place to take advantage of that is the business world. You need me in academia?

Screw you. Pay me.

Link to rude, classic film reference.

The following bit made me laugh my head off:

“Countries with the highest gender equality tend to be welfare states,” they write, “with a high level of social security.” Meanwhile, less gender-equal countries tend to also have less social support for people who, for example, find themselves unemployed. Thus, the authors suggest, girls in those countries might be more inclined to choose stem professions, since they offer a more certain financial future than, say, painting or writing.

My original link is to The Atlantic, which is full of people comfortable with words and not so comfortable with quantities. They provided no graphs to show the result.

This is the link to the research paper.

Here is a graph from said paper, grabbed from this AEI link.

So, our Nordic superiors, Finland and Norway, with awesome gender equality (measured who-the-hell-knows-how) have very low %ages of their STEM grads being women.

Here is a thought: this is not a problem.

Or if it's a problem, I blame socialism. Bring down the patriarchy! Dismantle the social welfare state!

I have a modest proposal: mind your own damn business. If people want to do something you don't approve of, but is not evil (like, say, mass murder), perhaps you should butt out.

But I'm also fine with the DOWN WITH SOCIALISM platform. That would also work.
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