meep (meep) wrote,

Stu Update: Keep On Keepin On

This week, Stu had his monthly cancer treatment shots & a colonoscopy (not on the same day) - his numbers are looking good and the pipes were all clean, so that's great.

We found out they don't do PET scans for prostate cancer (his first PET scan was diagnostic, before he had had a clear diagnosis), and his next CAT scan is supposed to be in December. So I guess this is maintenance mode. As the oncologist originally said, this isn't really a cancer that gets cured (currently) - they just keep beating it back. I don't know if that means he's going to be taking these particular meds until death, but I guess we'll find out over time.

In the meantime, Stu's hair & fingernails are growing back. His nails look almost normal now, and his hair looks... different. It's coming back with more follicles per sq in of scalp - the follicles are as thin as they've always been, but there are more of them. Makes me think of pregnancy hair.

He's getting his energy back, and has been putting together a coop for our ducks - they've been getting bigger faster than we expected, and we want to get them outside on a permanent basis ASAP. They seem to do well outside in our impromptu pen, but they need a real coop if they're to be out there all the time.

I may stop doing these Stu updates for a while -- this is in the no news is good news phase, I suppose.
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