meep (meep) wrote,

The Great Tech Reset: My Day

I don't want to get into why all this happened, just that it happened.

My Macbook stopped booting up. I tried various fixes, but it is an old machine (though less than 10 years old)

My ipads have their own issues. ADDITIONAL: my audiobook app, hoopla, updated and deleted the saved file of War & Peace I had... and because 61 hours of audiobook is about 1 GB, I deleted a bunch of apps so I could get my sweet sweet W&P fix (but not before having to spend my morning commute listening to lectures on slang and gendered vocab)

And my work computer... well, everything needed to be deleted from my Microsoft Office data and rebuilt. So I lost a bunch of macros, templates, and whatnot.

Oh, and all the tabs I had open on pension stories. And other stuff.

So, it feels nice, because it's just gone (and I just rebuilt the macros I actually need, which is about only 5, because I leave copies of the really important stuff all over the place, and especially my Dropbox), so it's a nice, clean feeling.

The only thing I really miss are my sticky notes.. Which was one sticky note, which had three things on it: the name of some meeting rooms and their phone numbers and IP addresses.

But that put me in mind of what I really want for Christmas: I want less stuff. As in, there's a bunch of junk I just want to go away. But I have to pick through the stuff, and it always gets me sneezing and coughing when I do that.

But in lieu of less stuff, I'll take socks. Because I do always end up losing the matches, and it makes me feel better about throwing away socks when I've got new socks.

And here are some socks that Makers Mark sent me:

Merry Christmas!
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