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Do What I Can While I Can

I'm chilling on the couch right now, because I was about to hurt myself with what I had been doing. So I'm resting.

So first I will talk about me getting certain things done this morning/early afternoon because of an incipient storm and potential power outages. I made sure certain things got washed (including Diarmuid), I poured boiling water down some drains, and I made sure that things are charged.

Because we don't know if we'll be able to do it later (especially getting D washed. He has entered stinky boy time, and I'm trying to get him up to daily showers.)

And that relates to some of the other stuff I did today: because my chronic pain situation flared up earlier this week and it's often weather-driven. On Thursday, it was so bad, I got about two miles down the road and realized my eyesight was affected. So I turned around, went home, and stayed in bed all day. Today, I woke up feeling pretty good, and I wasn't sure how long that would last, so dammit, I was gonna get some shit done.

The Spoon Theory has never worked for me (since 2010, when I was hit with my chronic pain condition), because it assumes I know how many spoons I have to spend. I don't know. I just know how I feel right now, and certain things can indicate something is getting worse (which is why I stopped and am on the couch now), so if I'm feeling good, that's when I should Just Do It (TM). Sometimes I feel fabulous the entire day. And sometimes it's only a few hours.

Today's main activity was to THROW STUFF OUT. After doing some of the washing stuff, I decided to do Walk It Out while throwing out utter garbage. There were bags in the kitchen that were just full of junk, from when I had to clear out the van and so just swept it all in bags and never dealt with it. Some stuff got reclaimed (all the Lego stuff), but most of it was just junk. Out it went.

Then I went up to my bedroom. I can't do the KonMari method the way she recommends, but I understand the heart of it: get rid of junk, and get rid of the stuff that not only you don't need, but you don't really want.

I got rid of a bunch of clothes -- I can't pile up every piece of clothing in one pile as Marie Kondo recommends, but I pulled every piece of clothing out of my dresser and went through it. I threw out all the stuff missing buttons, with holes in it, etc. In some cases, it was that I hadn't noticed there were holes in the pieces - because I never looked at them too closely as I get up really early in the morning to get dressed. I looked at several pieces and realized they just plain didn't fit or were too fussy (I have various wraparound pieces and some just don't drape right or get in awkward configurations). Some shirts I have didn't "spark joy" - they fit fine, they looked okay, but I had them mainly because "what if I run out of the clothes I actually like?" Thing is, I have plenty of clothes even after getting rid of some of that crap. So out that went.

Of the discards, they ended up in two piles: trash (the stained, holey crap) and donate ... and I had some really nice pieces in the donate pile. But I didn't actually like them.

Hell, I found one shirt that still had the tag on it. Out it went.

After I finished all that, I was feeling it in my back, and stopped. I didn't do a pretty folding job (I haven't seen how Kondo folds socks or panties yet, but after hearing her verbal explanation, I really want to see it) but that's good enough for now.

Because if I wait for perfect, it will never get done.
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