Health Update

It's not been going well (for me). 

Let me get Stu's news out of the way — he recently had a PET scan (gets one every 6 months). The good news is there's no cancer cells in his spine. Mind you, he's got plenty of cancer cells in other bone (in particular, some of his ribs, and his hips), but at least the cancer isn't spreading. And the chemo has its own repercussions. Again, as it goes now — either the cancer or the chemo will kill him. Eventually. No, we don't have a timeline. 

For me... so. I had an MRI last week. I'm getting the memory reminders from facebook, etc — it's basically 9 years ago that this all started. I'm trying to see a pain medicine doc & a neurologist and trying to get to the bottom of this. Yes, I'm trying meds again, and the only thing that seems to have any real effect is the muscle relaxer (baclofen, I think), which I take only every so often. It doesn't really make the pain go away, but it makes me realllly relaxed about the condition.

So here's hoping I figure it out. I have been having a lot of bad pain days recently, and one I basically I had to lie prone all day. I've not been able to get done a lot of things I want to do. 

And that's life.


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