COVID money update

Let me update my spending trend so far, adding onto my prior post from two months ago.

— January: +13% [that is mostly a tax timing issue]

— February: -26% [again, tax stuff]

— March: -36% [this is not tax stuff]

— April: -25%

— May: -64% [May 2019 was higher than usual, due to car stuff...which we've put off in 2020]

— June [so far]: +25% [we had work on Stu's truck, and my turn will come in July]

Interesting to look at the pattern.

Anyway, if I put January 2019 — May 2019 against January 2020 — May 2020, here is the year-over-year change: -38%


I'm not particularly surprised: I didn't spend money on more gas, more lunches away from home, and more car work on my vehicle.


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