meep (meep) wrote,

For my own records: pain update

I have had... some bad pain today, but it's not just that I've got bad pain, but that it's been doing new things.

That's never good when your pain becomes creative.

Right now, there is a specific spot on my left wrist that feels like it's on fire. If I grab and rub the spot, the sensation goes away... but now the fire is on my forehead while I rub. Then I stop rubbing and it's on my wrist and forehead. This is a new trick. I note it, because it's nice to know the repertoire.

The problem with my pain is nothing lasts in dealing with it. It used to be that only so much of me could send pain signals which I could process, but hey -- I've leveled up! My pain brain can multi-task!

For most of the day, the pain was on my right side.... even if I held myself really still, stabby and fire pain would invade my face, neck, and shoulder. My face likes to feel it's on fire. Fun.

Note: I know that there's nothing causing the pain other than the nerves themselves. I'm taking gabapentin/neurotin, and yeah, it still gets through.

I tried a nice long walk earlier, but then it felt like my entire left leg was numb and then random parts of it were on fire. (note: it has been a long time since I've had any burns, and I haven't been literally on fire, ever. Though my sister did burn me with hot oil once, thanks for reminding me, Amy (it was accidental)).

People get acclimated to all sorts of things, but that's partly because we have systems in our brain that can mute all sorts of real, sensory signals. But it doesn't seem to work so well when the signals aren't coming from anything legit causing the pain (like a cut or a real burn) - if the signal is straight from your nerve pains because something is up with them, your brain can't mute a fucking thing. (This is not scientific, just personal experience)

A year ago, I got a corticosteroid shot in my discs to head off some of this pain, but that wore off long before now (and my pain doc skedaddled sometime around April). I used to get chiro adjustments and massage, but all the folks I used to go to are in Hartford, 70 miles away. I've been back to Hartford 3 times since March. (Went to chiro twice, but no massage), But even when I had chiro & massage, the relief was very temporary...but dammit, even a couple hours of respite is nice.
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