meep (meep) wrote,

Siobhan explains

Bon: I may have overdosed, but I brain-switched with a hag, and may have dropped her from 600 ft as revenge

me: you may have? Did you...

Bon: yes

me: basically, you had to do a dice roll... it was 2d6?

Bon: it was 20d6....


me: wait, who are your children in a bucket?

Bon: 3 ducklings

me: do you know your status?

Bon: i'm not dead, and I won't be dead

me: i've already lost the thread

Bon: ...we need to get silver to defeat a hag...

me: the same hag you dropped?

Bon: ...we have three hags coming after us....

me: wait, can't the DM


Bon: let me explain, it was magic mushrooms, and I was forced to eat them... it was because of the brain switch

me: ok, you need to learn how to tell a story


Bon: I went and ate rice for ten minutes, and I came back and my party was seducing a bird

me: you ate rice for how long?

Bon: ...I came downstairs...

me: oh, you were eating rice IN REAL LIFE

Bon: ...and the seagull-stealer was seducing a perry-something

me: a platypus something?

Bon: no, it's a real fantasy bird... a real D&D thingie, a bird with antlers ... perry-something

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