meep (meep) wrote,

I'm still here! And other places!

And I mean something specific -- I am on livejournal (add me, dammit, people... some of y'all don't let me comment on your posts if I'm not a friend)

I try to make it easy for people to find me -- "Mary Pat Campbell actuary" will usually get you to me on any internet search. There are loads of Mary Pat Campbells online, but so far, I'm the only actuary in the group.

I've got a website:

The only real active part of that website is my blog: STUMP, which I mirror at substack: STUMP substack

I can be reached via email: - I have others, but that's the one most likely to reach me.

Trying to message me on facebook or twitter often doesn't work, sorry. I don't get notifications (I don't have a smartphone - never have had one). Even when I do notice there is a message, often I can't access them b/c the tech keeps screwing up.

And, worse comes to worst, you can always snail mail me. Email me if you'd like the address.  I haven't had pen pals in a long time - the people I used to write regularly have all died (they were old and/or had cancer, it wasn't a curse of the meep letters or anything)

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