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Pain diaries

Ideally, I would have an app that has one of those helpful gingerbread man diagrams of the human body, one could pick different colors for different types of pain (burning, dull, etc.), maybe slap in a pain scale or two.... well, yes, I did have a pain recording app some years ago, but it was a pain in the ass to use, and that's a pain I definitely don't need (given the size of my ass).

But in the meantime, I will write out a few notes here so I can remember stuff.

Yesterday, I got up at my usual time (5am) and got ready for a blood donation appointment (I'm AB+, so I do plasma every 4 weeks or so). While driving to the appointment, I started getting stabby in the eye (that's how I put it), the back right of my head, and then down my right shoulder and right arm.  Given I always donate from my right arm (there's a large blood vessel very close to the surface that is not only easy to find but you can easily see it. It's a side vein, if you know what I mean), and that I had to cut a donation short due to a migraine last year, I actually walked in the place, told them I was the 7:45 Mary Campbell and I needed to cancel bc I felt unwell. And then I drove home. And sat on the couch w/ Stu all day. It was relaxing.  I believe the pain/migraine was related to "weather" coming through.... and yeah, I had a different pain today.

I've been having muscle spasms/cramps in my hands and arms. (yes, I take vitamins. It's possibly a mineral deficiency, but I've only ever tested low(ish) for Vitamin D and I take that every day (with Vitamin K).  I got a really weird one in my left pec a few days back, and it was acting up today. Yay.

So yesterday, pain was on the right side... today, pain was on the left side. I had to rest my left arm on the door while driving (today is shopping for groceries, etc.), but in general I was able to get stuff done. I bought less than I usually would because I didn't want to be picking up too much stuff. Also, Stu & Bon had picked up a bunch of non-standard groceries when they went to get duck feed yesterday (note: this is standard human food, just that we go get duck feed every two months or so, and they go to a grocery store we usually don't go to, and they buy stuff like hot pockets and frozen burritos.)

Anyway, still have the pain on my left side, and thank goodness I'm still good at one-handed typing (get your mind out of the gutter -- I got good at it, with either hand - when I was holding my babies.  Babies reallt don't care if you're typing w/ the hand not holding them, esp. if they're getting fed at the same time.)
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