meep (meep) wrote,

Changing rating levels

I have determined I really need to change my rating structure for books, because my levels are way out of whack compared to others, and I want to give good info.

So now I need to do:

1 star: how did this even get published (and if self-published, this person really needs to think about their life choices)
2 stars: It has the competency of its genre (fiction/nonfiction), but very poorly executed or plain unpleasant. For example, I hate all the characters and want them all to just go away.
3 stars: Meh. It passes the time.
4 stars: Solid book, but I wouldn't necessarily re-read it.
5 stars: Definite re-read material.

The thing is, most of my books end up in the 5-star bucket, because I generally do not waste time with the others. I'm no longer in school, so nobody can force me to read a book. I usually don't even bother powering through to the end (except for War and Peace, because that was a thing). I just remove the e-book from my kindle.  Alas, I do not get to throw the book across the room anymore.  The physical books where that would be the case do not exist in our house, and it generally would be a library book anyway, and I do not throw library books, no matter how much my intellect takes offense.

Someone really ought to offer a yeeting app where one throws a digital object into a virtual ocean or something.  I mean, I have absolutely thrown books across the room where they smacked the wall, I was so pissed off. Just not in over a decade at least.

Separately, I have hand cramps in the back of my right hand today, and pain on my right side. Just to keep notes. Also in my face.

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