meep (meep) wrote,

Personal vaccine report...with caveats

Thanks to a friend who stays up later than me, I got the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine yesterday. The initial shot hurt similar to a tetanus shot (which I got last year), but other than that, no problems for some hours... but by night, my left arm was hurt.... and it hurt all night.

I put a heating pad on my left shoulder to help with the pain, and after hours in bed, I hurt on the right side of my body (the shot was in my left arm)... but this is where the caveat comes in.

The pain in my right side of my face, shoulder, back of my head, etc. feel like my normal pain problems, and I'm skeptical that the vaccine did that. Anyway, I'm tired and am just chilling in bed.

This the the site my friend used to find an appt for me:
Tags: pain

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