meep (meep) wrote,

Left side numbness

Well, that wasn't good.

Yesterday, I did my usual routine - dishes, shopping... and then in the middle of Trader Joe's I realized my entire left arm was numb. And my neck/shoulder on left side was in pain... and I had pain on the right side of my face! (I've got pain on the right side of my face right now, too. Yay)

So I went home and just lay prone for the rest of the day, with a heating pad on my neck & shoulder.

But seriously, more things have been going numb than just my feet.

I will be having (another) nerve conduction test in June -- this time on my arms/hands. The neurologist already did it on my legs. No large nerve damage, but I could have small nerve damage.


UPDATE: (4:40pm) - well, I shouldn't have used the past tense above.

I've been laying down since about 1pm. I went outside to sit w/ Stu for a while, but I could do that only so long.
Tags: pain

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