meep (meep) wrote,

A new diagnosis -- carpal tunnel syndrome

There's a story -- last year (or maybe 2019 - it was definitely pre-pandemic, bc I talked to people about it in Hartford) I noticed my feet were feeling numb. It was odd. I have been going to a neurologist for a few years now related to all my pain issues, and I mentioned it to her... and she did a simple test... poke me with sharp pins.... and I couldn't feel them.

Anyway, she did a nerve conduction test on my legs/feet and noted there was no large nerve damage, but I could have small nerve damage. The main thing I did was wear compression socks all the time and check my feet periodically for wounds/bruises I hadn't felt (I had none, btw). It's more annoying than painful. I have no muscular weakness, and I can walk, etc, just fine.

But some months ago, I noticed my hands were becoming numb... but even worse, I was getting sharp/fiery pain in the back of my hands. Not constant... just -stab- and then it went away.

Anyway, I had a nerve conduction test on my arms & hands today, and yes, I definitely have a nerve pinched in my left wrist. The doc said that given I have similar problems in my right hand (but less), I would likely have carpal tunnel develop in my right hand, even though the tests showed no nerve damage there.

So right now, I've got a brace on my left arm and I'm typing w my right hand. I got really good at one-handed typing (either hand) when I had babies. But I've got a lot of pain in my left arm right now. yay.

I'm really annoyed bc I did a splurge at Michaels and bought a crochet kit.
Tags: pain

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