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Stu cancer update

Stu just had his semiannual scan & review for his cancer. He's stable.

As mentioned in earlier posts, Stu's cancer is in his bones and it won't come out (based on current medical treatments). It had gotten knocked way back from his initial heavy-duty chemo treatment back in 2017, when he lit up the PET scan like Times Square. It was throughout his body then. But now, it's some stubborn spots in seemingly random places, like a rib here or a spot in the femur there.

Once upon a time, aka 20 years ago, he almost probably would have been dead by now. The 5-year survival rate (yes, I know it's not 5 years, but wait) back then for his diagnosis, in which it had metastasized to his bones, was only 2%. After reading the old papers and survival probabilities, I decided to stop reading the old papers.. because they're not relevant anymore.

It is amazing to me how many short-term uncurable conditions (because they killed you soon after you found out) have now turned into chronic uncurable conditions... that is, you live long enough for something else to kill you. That's the plan, at any rate.

Stu takes daily chemo pills (twice a day, in fact), and then a bunch of other meds to deal with the damage the chemo pills do to the non-cancer parts of his body. He goes to Memorial Sloan Kettering down county now for monthly treatment (there are hormone shots, blood work, etc.)

There may come a time when this no longer works, and the cancer spreads again. But I'm hoping that it will be another miracle of modern medicine in that he perpetually has the cancer in his bones, and eventually he dies of old-enough-age.
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