meep (meep) wrote,

Oooga Boooga

So both Kerry and Bush were members of Skull and Bones. Having met an actual member of the club, all I have to say is =eh=. Indeed, everybody I've met who went to Yale undergrad has definitely underwhelmed me with whatever fruits of higher education they managed to get out of there.

It's just a jumped-up frat, really (Skull & Bones, though I guess that could apply to Yale undergrad as well...)

Come to think of it, going to an Ivy League college for undergrad doesn't really seem to confer much in the way of quality to me. But that's probably because I've had most of my interactions with people who went to "lesser" schools, and when I run into the Ivies, I don't see that they got much more for their student loan debt. I will grant superior quality to the professional & grad schools of these universities - I just don't see it on the undergrad side.

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