meep (meep) wrote,

Last referral-begging for the year:

#1) Lingo - an internet phone service. We =finally= got our number ported over, once Verizon got off its fat ass to switch us over. I've had a great time with Lingo, and they keep a pretty extensive record of calls, if you're curious about that sort of thing. The cheapest plan is about $10/month, and the one we're using is about $25/month (because we've got two phone numbers for right now... I will be getting rid of the second phone number soon, and will go back to $20/month). Unlimited calls to U.S., Canada, and certain Western European countries. I haven't had a need to call outside that region, so I don't know their other rates.

Anyway, I get a little credit if you sign up with the service, and indicate that I,, referred you.

#2) Dead Pool 2005. There's a referral contest going on there, too. In this case, I'm actually offering a service in exchange for entering the contest and using me as referral: I will do a probability analysis of your Dead Pool roster. As I will be away from the computer starting on Thursday, I likely won't be able to slice n dice people's rosters til next year. But if you're interested in that kind of thing, I will give you estimates on your score distribution probabilities, and the like, using standard actuarial tables. I have been developing more stuff related to the various bonuses in the contest.

Anyway, it's a diversion for the actuarial types. Generally, we predict death in the bulk, not for 15 particular people. I think my roster is pretty good, though probably low-scoring, as I picked a whole bunch of old people.

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