meep (meep) wrote,

Not a good cause... just 'cause.

What's the best movie ending ever? Go over there and speak your mind.

I went with the end of =Real Genius=..of course, I loved the whole movie, but the poetic justice was sweet. The whole sequence is beauty... a defense test of a space laser to kill people from afar is sidetracked to aim at a well-placed mirror in a newly-built house, which is focused on the world's largest Jiffy Pop. Then, of course, there's the nemetical (whatever) nerd Kent who gets to ride a wave of popcorn as it destroys the house.

Take =that=, Casablanca (and The Usual Suspects, and so many other films).

Of course, one should expect spoilers in such a survey.

A different link: Purpose in undergrad liberal arts education. I'm not particularly concerned by the "problem" uncovered by the author. I did pretty well for myself at a non-liberal arts school, got to dabble in a few favored subjects as well as take a deep look at math and physics. Mainly math, though. I really got alot of exposure to probability at State. And I've got plenty of time now to study the history of language and other specialized histories. It's totally unrelated to my job, but it's my version of entertainment.

I mentioned that lecture series by John McWhorter earlier, and I must say it's very good. I wish I could see him lecture at the Manhattan Institute or something. The one thing I =don't= have is time to actually experience various things live. There's get-togethers of all sorts of groups in this city, but I really don't have the time to take after work to go meet up at 8pm for a couple hours. Oh well. Maybe when the kids are older.

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